About Karen Hautz

Karen Hautz

Karen Hautz has been a licensed, certified Davis® Dyslexia Correction Facilitator since 2006. She qualified as a licensed Davis Autism Approach Facilitator in 2015. Over the years, she has loved working with people of all ages, from 5 years to 65 years. There is no age limit to seeking help or advice and wishing to make a change in your life!

A speech and language therapist by training, Karen was drawn the Davis® Dyslexia Correction program when she identified dyslexic characteristics in a close family member. Karen has wide experience working with children, students and adults both privately and in a school environment.

Whilst working in the area of dyslexia and AD(H)D, she met several people of all ages with autistic characteristics. Keen to expand her abilities to meet the diverse needs of her students, Karen completed training in the Davis Autism Approach, while living in the US, to become a Davis Autism Approach facilitator.

Karen was trained in the Autism Approach by Lorna Timms, Director of Davis Autism International and by Larry Smith, an international Davis® workshop presenter, trainer and facilitator as well as co-director of Rocky Point Academy in Calgary, Canada.

Karen enjoys being a Davis® facilitator because she loves working as part of a team with her students and their families. Any developments that her students may make, whether small or large, will make a difference to them and their participation in and enjoyment of life.

Karen has also drawn on the Davis® Autism Approach to help her diverse clients to participate more fully in life and develop other executive functioning skills including time management and organizational skills, understanding personal motivations and managing responsibility.

In addition to her degree in speech and language therapy, Karen has an M.B.A. and enjoyed a second career in business in London before training to become a dyslexia and learning facilitator. She draws upon her understanding and experience of the business world regularly to help her students achieve their own objectives in the work place.

Karen is based near Clapham Common in Wandsworth, South West London but is happy to travel locally to other locations to meet her clients' requirements. Please contact her for a no-obligation telephone consultation or if you would like some more information about anything you have read.

To find out how the Davis Autism Approach may help you or someone close to you, call Karen on +44(0)7391 698517 or email karen@autism-achievement.com